"Down here at Cape Spartel is the celebrated cave of Hercules, where the hero took refuge when he was vanquished and driven out of the Tangier country. It is full of inscriptions in the dead languages, which fact makes me think Hercules could not have traveled much, else he would not have kept a journal."

-"The Innocents Abroad," Mark Twain

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Enjoying Earth's Offerings

My busy-relaxing weekend has gone pretty well - I hope you can say the same! Yesterday, my host mom, sister, and grandmother took apples from the trees in the two yards to be pressed and made into apple juice. It did not take too long, but was interesting to watch. They were cored (is that a word?) and chopped up by a machine before being pressed. After some process that occurred in a series of tubes, the hot juice filled a total of 34 bottles! 

In the afternoon, we went sailing and canoeing on Wolfgangsee. 

We quickly returned home and went to an evening church service at the Catholic church. It was beautiful, and despite the formalities, there were several similarities. I am glad to have gone, even if I was unable to follow half of what went on!
Today, we went hiking and out to lunch at one of the several "mountain huts" (cabins) that serve as restaurants.  Afterwards, I spent the afternoon reading and did something terrible - I fell asleep with my contacts in. But have no fear! They are not glued to my brain. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

<3 from Mary Beth

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  1. Yum! I can almost smell the good juice being processed.