"Down here at Cape Spartel is the celebrated cave of Hercules, where the hero took refuge when he was vanquished and driven out of the Tangier country. It is full of inscriptions in the dead languages, which fact makes me think Hercules could not have traveled much, else he would not have kept a journal."

-"The Innocents Abroad," Mark Twain

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Did you see it?

AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR! Yes, one of the things I did during my spring break was see the Hunger Games! I read the books in English, saw the film in German. Odd, but loved it. (If you have seen it/read the books and would like hear my opinion, just let me know - I hate giving things away for those who haven't.) While I am a major supporter of read-the-book-first, I usually end up reading it later than everyone else; it came out several years ago (2008, I believe) and I did not read them until arriving here. Oh, well. The only exception? The Twilight series. Pretty sad, I know. And I have only seen the first film.

The rest of my spring break was a mixed bag... yes, I will explain. We had a couple visiting us from France, she is French, he Italian. My host family speaks French, she speaks French/understands German/speaks passable English, he speaks French & Italian/can say a little in English. Needless to say, most everything was conducted in French. Naturally, the environment swayed between amusing, confusing, and rather boring due to my lack of French. Which meant that I was often very spacey during dinner conversations. However, the parts I did manage to follow were always enjoyable ;) Let's get on with the pictures...

To begin: my host sister makes the most wonderful muffins and I just had to share a picture of them. Normally I would refrain from saying too much regarding her in case she would prefer to remain anonymous (I should probably ask), but ELLA. OPEN A MUFFIN SHOP. (If you're reading this...)

2nd: We spent some time in Salzburg with our guests and it was just warm enough to buy ice cream! (*Note this warm temperature...) If you look closely, you can see my cast on my left arm as well as the bandage on my right.

3rd: The advantage of having an Italian? PIZZA!

4th: On Wednesday, we drove to Vienna (Wien), stopping along the way. The plan was to be out by Friday so that I would be able to get back to the hospital in time for them to check up on my wrists. Sadly, we ended up driving right back Thursday morning, as the couple, my host sister, and I all got sick. (But we're fine now!)

5th: For Easter, we dyed eggs and created this beautiful bread basket! (Well, I watched it being constructed...)

6th: Remember that beautiful, warm, ice cream weather? It snowed on Easter.

Anyway, the French residents left Sunday evening, we saw the Hunger Games, and everything is back to normal. Or, almost back to normal. My cast comes off tomorrow! Now I just have to squeeze everything in the short time I have left. Yesterday, my chemistry teacher announced that we have a lot to do in the 15 or less weeks that remain of the school year. I'm, sorry, what?!

mary beth

P.S. I don't know why, but the song "Conjunction Junction" from Schoolhouse Rock popped into my head today. No idea where it came from. But did you know that in German, there is an actual word for a song that is stuck in you head?


  1. I like your post! Bring back some of Ella's muffin recipes. You and Joshua will have to talk about the HG movie. And, what IS the German word you talk about in the PS?

  2. Yes, I will! And the German word is "Ohrwurm."